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Welcome & Quick Overview

Post by Alecazam on Sun Dec 13, 2009 11:11 am

Welcome to Select Seven online forum community, with just a few adjustments to be made here and there we are pretty much open for business, so get posting!
What a Face

At the core of this community we are wanting to build is a small mohaa clan called Select Seven. We didn't see the point in having a little forum that no one used so we decided to aim for a broad subjected forum for everyone to use and enjoy, not just our clan and a couple other mohaa players. so its open to the public, anyone who wants to learn shear and express get laid, can do so in these forums. The more the merrier so invite your friends.

Feel free to request things too guys, different sections, layouts, possibility's are endless...

Have fun and keep safe.
AMEN. cheers


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