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Select7 Superladder

Post by metzstar on Mon Dec 28, 2009 7:17 am

Select7 Superladder

Custom maps

Custom maps will be used on the Select7 Superladder, please have the following installed.

The Abbey
St Renan
Op Center
St Lo

Clan leaders please make sure each member has these maps installed and DMW approved.


Each Clan must have no less than six members to register with the Select7 Superladder. Each team must present no less than four members to a war, the opposition may use their entitled five members if they can. If each team can produce more than five members for a war, eight members per team are allowed as long as the teams are kept even.

Clan captains must make sure DMW3 Pro is installed for each member, DMW approved maps are installed as stated above aswell as have read this post and understands the rules. DMW will not be set to kick, we'd like this ladder to be cheat free and this is the best solution for having a cheat free environment for the ladder.

Any questions on DMW just ask here, or you can visit the dmw website: which provides a FAQ, maps, skin downloads which are all approved by dmw and account registration. Accout's cannot be made with hotmail or gmail accounts etc. Feel free to ask for any help regarding DMW. Please dont wait till game time to try and sort DMW out if your new to it, it can take some time to get up and running.

Scoring & For/Against
The Superladder will be scored along the lines of the NRL scoring system.

Two points for a win
One point for a draw (each per team)
Zero points for a loss.

For and against will also be kept:

Example game:

Team 1 defeats Team 2 : 12 - 8
Team 1 receives two points aswell as four f/a points (wins - losses)
Team 2 receives zero points aswell as minus four f/a points (wins - losses)

So the ladder will look like

Clan | Points | F/A
Team1 | 2 | 4
Team2 | 0 | -4

Semi finals will be based on the NRL McIntyre final eight system. This may confuse alot of people if i try and explain it, but im sure alot of you guys will be familiar with the final eight system. This is the McIntyre system:

Game play

As of late, some of the wars which go on have too much accusations and non-bantered talk. Neither will be tolerated. A warning will be given to the player, then may be kicked and will be allowed to rejoin. A further time will be removed from the whole game. This will be up to consoles disgression at the time.

Maps will be randomly pre-chosen for wars.

DMW will be up and running, but not set to kick. This is to stop any accusations of cheating plus to keep this a cheat free ladder.

This is a No Heavies ladder, so you may choose the following weapons during wars:

Sniper Rifle


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